Legal Ease Wedding Package

"Legal Ease" means that you are basically hiring me to be your marriage lawyer. It's the most simple and cost effective way to get married. We just have a couple of timely meetings to do the paperwork, and say the essential words only, then you are officially married! Congratulations!

Elegant Sufficiency Wedding

This wedding package is designed to include your love story, vows, ring rituals and any other personal touches to make your day perfect for you, without blowing the budget. 

New Naming

This ceremony is designed for people who have had a change in their family identity or gender identity and would like a celebration to claim their new name.

Funeral Service

Most of us have no idea how to plan a funeral, until we need to. Then, at a time of grief and shock, we have to learn and make decisions we're not used to making. This video sheds a bit of light on what the Celebrant's role is, when someone you love passes away.

Speech Coaching

A service adjacent to my Celebrancy to help you with storytelling, voice modulation and confidence.