Julia, thank you so very much for helping make our wedding day so very special. We absolutely loved it, the ceremony was beautiful, you were lovely & supportive & professional & endearing & caring all at the same time. So grateful, thank you.

Kath & Chris xx 

(Elegant Sufficiency wedding package)

My request to Julia was ambitious. To help craft a speech to inspire and entertain a hundred guests at my son's wedding reception. Then to coach me through performance anxiety to co present with my husband who would only have 3 days to prepare. To transmute our academic style to a from the heart humorous and engaging 10 minutes. Julia was amazing. Very patient and kind. Brilliant coaching tips and ideas meant we were well prepared and confident so could enjoy the wedding as well as add a memorable and powerful blessing for the newly married couple. Every step was given in such a relaxed manner yet with a very polished performance in sight. We would thoroughly recommend Julia!

Susan and John

(Speech Coaching)

We are so incredibly grateful that we found someone who made things very simple for us and was also very accommodating to our sudden change of situation and location at the last moment. My Husband (love saying that!) was right with having a very small ceremony because I am certainly one who does not like the attention on me! You made it so easy for us and we could not be more thankful! You really are a beautiful, caring and enthusiastic person  We would highly recommend you to anyone!

Tim and Chloe

(Legal Ease wedding package)