The Funeral


Julia will help you design a service that celebrates the life of the deceased, and holds space for joyful and mournful memories. She can assist you in creating a ceremony that includes music and rituals, readings, poetry or special words from family and friends, and any other symbolic or meaningful tokens.

Gentle Kindness

Julia Hern
Funeral Celebrant
Huon Valley
Hobart Celebrant
Chicken Friend

Everyone has unique quirks and characteristics. Our adventures and experiences have shaped the people we become. Our loves and losses deserve celebration, joy and sorrow. Julia has a passion for writing and if need be, is more than happy to help you construct a eulogy that is personal, honest and heartfelt.

Other Ceremonies


Scattering Ashes

Whether you choose to scatter, bury or preserve your loved one's sacred remains, Julia can help you design a service or ritual to pay respect to the life they lived. 

Memorial Service

A memorial service differs from a funeral in that the body of the deceased is not present. Together we can design a fitting farewell for the departed.

Living Funerals

Unconventional, but important to some, are end of life celebrations which allow a person the rare opportunity to participate in their own memorial service. Living funerals can be a space for people to reflect and share, express their gratitude and find peace.