Other Services


Naming Ceremony

This could be a short dedication coupled with the first birthday party of your child or a stand alone, grand event to celebrate the addition to your family. 

A naming ceremony can be a way to acknowledge the heritage of the chosen name, outline your commitments as parents and for other significant adults and family members to pledge their support for the child. 


New Naming

This ceremony is designed to be a joyous beginning for people of all ages who have changed their name.

Together we will create empowering rituals, speeches and events to enrich your sense of self and allow you to embody and present your chosen name to your loved ones. 


Speech Coaching

We humans have many phobias, but few raise the anxiety levels like the fear of speaking in public.

That's why the sense of elation we feel once we have found our voice and seized the moment to make an impact on a special event, is so rewarding.

I can help you edit your speech, rehearse with you, and guide you through some physical, vocal and psychological preparation techniques to increase your confidence.